Help the birds

Nesting houses

Nesting houses – Artificial nests are primarily inhabited by birds that nest in holes, in trees or in rock crevices. The best way to protect these birds is to preserve as many natural cavities as possible, if that is not possible, we start making artificial ones. In this way, we will attract many birds to our orchards and backyards and we will be able to easily observe their daily activities.

The construction of houses is very similar for most of our songbirds, the only difference is in the diameter of the entrance opening. A hole 2.8 cm in diameter is sufficient for a blue tit, a crested tit, a gray tit, a fir tit and a field sparrow. They are looking for a diameter of 3.2 cm: a large tit, a white fly. A diameter of 4.5 cm is needed for woodpeckers, house red-tailed deer, mountain red-tailed deer, gray fly, common sparrow, while a diameter of 5.0 cm is necessary for starlings, woodpeckers, etc.


Winter is the time of selection, when only the most resilient survive. All birds that winter in our region are adapted to frost and winter. Opinions on whether or not birds should be fed in winter are divided. In a preserved, natural environment, where birds can easily access food on their own, additional feeding is not necessary from the biological and protective aspect. In an environment where natural food sources have been destroyed (for example in artificially arranged spaces, in populated areas), supplementary feeding of birds is not out of the question. We use the feeders only for the duration of the snow cover. The seeds must remain dry, the space with the grains must be clean, so that the food does not mix with the bird droppings. Water, bread and salty foods should not be added. The most suitable foods are sunflower seeds, oats, corn, and other cereals.

To make an energy cake for birds, it is necessary to put as many different types of cereals as possible in a flat-walled container (a plastic bottle can be used). In the middle of the bottle, through the cereals, pass a wire or twig, which will later serve as a reinforcement for holding the cake and which will allow easy hanging on the branches. After all, pour the cereal with hot fat. When the mass hardens, take the contents out of the container holding it by the reinforcing branch or wire, and hang it on a tree in the yard. These cakes are made only in cases of snow, when the birds cannot reach the food. Normally, hang the energy cake so that it is out of reach of cats, dogs and other predators, but always so that you can enjoy watching the birds coming.

Even the youngest can give their contribution and help the birds to find food more easily during the winter days.


During dry periods of the year, it is preferable for birds to be provided with a drinker than any food source. Sotga, it is necessary to provide water in the vessels intended for that or any other shallow bowls. Care should be taken that the dishes are not deep.