About Us

CZIP mission

is to protect birds and other animal and plant species, their habitats, biodiversity monitoring of Montenegro, citizen education, popularisation of scientific research, as well as cooperation with other organizations at home and abroad, dealing with the protection of nature.

The vision of the Center

is the harmony in the relationship between people and nature and economic development based on the principles of sustainable use of resources.

The objectives of the organization are:

To initiate, encourage and support scientific and professional research of ornithofauna and other biodiversity groups in the area of Montenegro

To promote and present to national and international public the richness of biodiversity

To educate and raise awareness of people about their knowledge of birds and other members of biodiversity

To indicates to the needs and means of protection of birds and their habitats, as well as other members of biodiversity

Our team

Jovana Janjušević

Executive Director - jovana.janjusevic@czip.me

Bird conservation / protection program

Nikola Novović

Expert associate for bird conservation, assistant ornithologist - nikola.novovic@czip.me

Marija Šoškić

Expert associate for bird conservation, ornithologist - marija.soskic@czip.me

Bojan Zeković

Bird conservation program leader, ornithologist - bojan.zekovic@czip.me

A program for the conservation of large carnivores

Igor Stojević

Assistant in the large carnivore conservation program - igor.stojovic@czip.me

Jasmin Murić

Expert associate for the conservation of large carnivores - jasmin.muric@czip.me

Aleksandar Perović

Head of large carnivore conservation program - aleksandar.perovic@czip.me

Advocacy, communication and education program

Jelena Vukašinović

Communication Associate - jelena.vukasinovic@czip.me

Marija Stanišić

Expert associate for education - marija.stanisic@czip.me

Ksenija Medenica

Advocacy, Communication and Education Program Manager - ksenija.medenica@czip.me

Sustainable Development Program

Zoran Popović

Expert Associate for Sustainable Development - zoran.popovic@czip.me

Ivan Bakić

Director of a travel agency owned by CZIP - ivan.bakic@monticola.me

Nebojša Baničević

Financial Director and Program Manager for Sustainable Development - nebojsa.banicevic@czip.me

Board of directors

Valentina Šćekić


Jelena Delić


Jana Iković


Branko Anđić


Aleksandar Perović


Damira Kalač


Bjanka Prakljačić