The path of buzzard Miladin

The path of buzzard Miladin

Buzzard , whom we named Miladin (Buteo buteo), was equipped with a GPS device in the vicinity of Podgorica yesterday. This is the first mouse marked with a GPS device in Montenegro.

Buzzard is a medium-sized predator whose feather color varies, from light to dark brown. One of the most common predators in Europe. It nests in forests, often along the edges of open habitats, meadows or fields. It usually feeds on rodents, reptiles, amphibians and insects. We can often see him sitting on poles lurking for prey. Buzzards play a significant role in reducing the presence of rodents. One mouse can eat up to 1000 rodents during the season, so they are considered welcome guests in the fields.

Like most predators of our sky, this species also encounters numerous problems – from habitat loss, electrocution, poaching and poisoning. In recent years, we have witnessed an increasing number of predators dying on electric poles, following this individual, we will get data on whether it moves in areas of increased risk.

For now, we do not have enough data on this species, both on the size of the territory and on their movements during the winter period. Misharis are known to migrate from Europe as far as Africa. Whether our Miladin will spend the winter at home or choose some more exotic destinations remains to be seen, but we certainly hope to get interesting data on its ecology.

Buzzard Miladina